Mindset for finding that Job in 2014

job-seeker-button (1)The New Year is a time for resolutions, and it is a time for looking ahead in your life and your career.  I look forward to posting more often in 2014 on the recruitment and hiring process than I did in 2013.

Although there are many blog posts on the subject of interviewing and hiring, there are always new people that attempt to address age-old questions.  With over 20 years of recruiting experience I have witnessed a lot of fads come and go.  One trend I see as I read other blogs about careers and interviewing is boiling down the interview and hiring process to make it seem almost simple.  I have noticed more and more people writing about the “One question that will get you that job” or “One question you have to ask the hiring authority to find out if they’ll be a good boss or not”.  During my time as a Recruiter I must say that the interview process is much more complex and I find it hard to believe it could be broken down to one or two questions.  Sometimes there are not easy answers and you have to dig, struggle and even face rejection before you successfully get that coveted job offer.  Walking in to an interview with one question that you can use to figure out if a position is right for you can be a recipe for disaster.  As the saying goes…Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

These days when so much information is at your fingertips, being prepared through research on the company and even the Hiring Authority is often very key knowledge to have before stepping into the interview.  This is where a skilled and experienced Recruiter can be very helpful.  A recruiter’s knowledge of the person doing the hiring is invaluable when you go through any interview prep. As I talk to very talented people that are interested in making a career move, they tell me they enjoy the ability to brainstorm with someone about the next steps in their career progression.  Also it’s very valuable to have someone that can explain the company’s culture from an independent perspective.  I always look for an opportunity that fits the candidate as well as the company because I believe that leads to lasting partnerships. It’s so rewarding each time candidates are the missing puzzle piece for organizations where I place them.