Success Stories & Testimonials

Director of Marketing at Elevation Brands

Frank LaRussa is far from a “head hunter”. He does not take a person from one company and place them at another simply because he can. In the best interest of both his clients and candidates, Frank figures out a way to meld the worlds of professional-life and personal-life into one. His formula for success is deeply rooted in his innate ability to understand people. Frank is the “e-harmony” of the professional recruiting world. He is assertive, yet patient. He is inquisitive, yet eager to hear what you have to say. He values honesty and covets trust. He prides himself on attaining the quintessential “perfect fit” and will not compromise his values in the process. I recommend Frank to all my friends in Sales and Marketing as well as to any organization seeking to fill a quality position.

Regional Manager at Rewards Network

I have worked with Frank since the early 90’s. I have hired several employees over the years based on Frank’s recruiting efforts. He has an exceptional skill set to be able to filter through all of the available talent and come up with the few “hand-picked” candidates that are best for your particular position you are looking to fill. 
I would describe Frank as Loyal, intuitive, and detail oriented. 
I would recommend Frank and his Company to anyone who is looking to make the hiring process a little more hassle free.

Director of Sales at Canadian Fish Exporters International

There are several key factors that separate a good recruiter from a great recruiter. Great recruiters posess the ability and take the time to understand your strengths, goals and personality.They find opportunities that match who you are giving you the best chance for success.They are easily reachable, return calls and stay in touch.It’s good to have a caring,concerned and driven professional on your side. Frank LaRussa is a great recruiter!