Technological Black Hole of Job hunting

pt_1277_12015_oPeople can’t be reduced to  numbers, key words, or expendable equations on a spreadsheet, and they shouldn’t be treated that way by employers.  Technology is pushing forward at ever increasing speeds.  However professionalism often dictates that the hiring process can’t be a purely push button operation.  Social Media can make things so impersonal that talking to a person seems like a luxury.  Some trends that are frustrating in today’s world are:

1) Phishing Season is Clearly Open!  I genuinely appreciate when potential clients and job seekers reach out to me but I always ask why they picked me. Often times they can’t give me a reason because they emailed so many other recruiters they don’t know which one is calling or emailing them back. This shotgun method makes me question whether I should work with the person, as well as how many other recruiters they’ve contacted beside myself. I know it’s the same when recruiters reach out to so many potential candidates in an impersonal email as well.  So many unsolicited emails are clogging inboxes that it’s hard to keep up with them or discern the legitimate ones from the questionable ones.

2)  Casting Too Wide a Net.   Companies often put their jobs all over the internet. This strategy would seem like a logical course of action to many, however unless you want to be buried in resumes it’s often not the way to go. It’s just as easy to push a button and reply as it is to post that job, so companies will get many resumes that are overqualified, underqualified, or just not a fit at all.  As I mentioned in my first point this method often leads to candidates never hearing back on jobs they applied for in good faith.  The numbers of resumes received for one opening can be in the hundreds or even thousands.  You have to wonder what companies have the time to sift through that many applicants and give them the time they deserve.

3)  Please email your resume into the Black Hole.  I know that one of the top complaints from job seekers is they have no idea what happened to their resume when they emailed it and they never hear back on their status.  It’s always disappointing when people are left in Limbo after they apply for a job.  Companies need to be aware that the way they treat applicants can affect their brand in positive and negative ways depending on their action or inaction.

Communication is so important in the Hiring Process, that it’s tough to see breakdowns that make it more frustrating for everyone.  It is called HUMAN Resources after all.  Sometimes a phone call is just better than an email and sometimes scheduling an in person meeting is best of all!